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Prof. Dr. Peter Baptist
University of Bayreuth
Chair of Mathematics and Mathematics Education
D-95440 Bayreuth, Germany

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University of Bayreuth - short overview

The chair of Mathematics and Mathematics Education is responsible for teaching degree courses in Mathematics and IT at the University of Bayreuth. The chair is also part of the Centre for Mathematics and Science Education (Z-MNU), which promotes innovative educational concepts within teacher education and work with classes. The chair has been involved in a great number of research projects, focused on developing mathematics and science education, on a regional, national and international level. Its scientific research and production of educational resources received both the following awards: Education Software Award digita and eLearning Innovation Award d-elina.

Furthermore the chair has created and developed the dynamic mathematics software GEONExT (, which is free (under the GNU public licence) and available in 26 languages. The chair also hosts the central server of the project SINUS-Transfer ( The implemented database is permanently growing and contains at the moment more than 500 documents in German. There is free access to all documents.

Activities with the Fibonacci project

The University of Bayreuth started working within the Fibonacci project with a core team of teachers. The members of this team are the coordinators of Fibonacci at their own schools (this Fibonacci schools are situated in the region around Bayreuth). Together with a team of colleagues they are testing and developing Fibonacci materials and methods of IBSME in classroom teaching. They get regular training and assistance by the University of Bayreuth.
In the next steps a growing network of teachers and schools will be set up with the help of experienced teachers working as trainers and assistants.

Other related projects

The Intergeo project on Dynamic Geometry

The main objective of the Intergeo Project is to make digital content for mathematics teaching in Europe more accessible, usable and exploitable.


Logo of InnoMathEd Project

"InnoMathEd - Innovations in Mathematics Education on European Level" is a project with ten partners in eight European countries. The program aims at the development of pupils’ key competences and their ability to use ICT for learning processes in mathematics.



Logo of SINUS-Transfer Project

The aim of the programme SINUS-Transfer is to improve the competence in both maths and science subjects by disseminating the results of the programme SINUS on a much larger scale.