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Dienst Katholiek Onderwijs
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Wim Peeters
Dienst Katholiek Onderwijs
Millegemweg 49
2531 Boechout, Belgium

Phone: +32 486 036128

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Dienst Katholiek Onderwijs - short overview

For this organisation a multidisciplinary pedagogic team of more than 50 persons coaches about 120 secondary and some 300 primary schools in their goal for improving quality in education. All segments of a school, especially teachers, get this structural support on demand. A key task of coaches is bringing teachers together (networking) to discuss and/ or train them in all kinds of topics: new teaching methods, new curricula, quality management, safety, new courses etc.. Many different communication strategies are used for this.

Activities with the Fibonacci project

The sub team of 4 ”pedagogic coaches” in natural sciences and mathematics is skilled and at the spear head of evolutions in education in Flanders. In particular it is specialized in coaching teachers using active learning, research competences (this includes IBSME), independent learning, new evaluation methods, all this taking into account the particular situation of the school. At the moment IBSME is hot in science education in Flanders. In the struggle for better science teaching, the team is (trying to be) an ambassador for new methods in science teaching. Many schools ask for coaching and training of their science teachers team in IBSME (called “research competences”). The team of teachers coaches has build up a lot of specific (local) knowledge on this topic.

With Fibonacci this team seeks to establish a quality of training and coaching on an international level, cooperating with a team of teachers, piloting this goal.

Information about this project in Flemish

De Dienst Katholiek Onderwijs staat als structurele VZW achter de pedagogische begeleidingsdienst van het bisdom Antwerpen. De deelname aan het Fibonacci project kadert in de professionalisering van het begeleidings team wiskunde-wetenschappen, die op hun beurt een betere dienst hopen te verlenen aan de betrokken begeleide leerkrachten. Dit door internationale knwo how op te doen, materiaal te verzamelen en steun te krijgen van een groep internationale deskundigen.

Other related projects

DKO is active on the level of schools and school networking. Projects at the moment focus mainly on quality management tools for schools as member of TRIS DKO develops tools for secondary schools: www.epok.org/defaultEN.asp

Ria Van Huffel is co-organiser of the international kangourou competition for mathematics: the Belgian/Dutch website is www.wiskundekangoeroe.be/kangoeroe

Wim Peeters is projectmanager of the Physics is cool project (http://webhost.ua.ac.be/focus/Koffers/indexEng.htm) and work package leader of MOSEM and MOSEM² international Leonardo da Vinci projects (www.mosem.eu).

DKO VZW also takes part in the FP7 SECURE project, on Science Education Curriculum Research. It is responsible for two work packages.