Twin Centres

Three levels of Twin Centres have been identified in the project, according to their expertise in IBSME, the starting point of their active work and the contributions to the Fibonacci project.

  • Twelve Twin Centres 1 (TC1) are members of the Fibonacci consortium. They already have got previous experience in IBSME projects. In cooperation with their twinned Reference Centre they start their own local or regional initiative according to the Fibonacci main ideas. After two years of twinning they will work as a Reference Centre by themselves.
  • Twelve Twin Centres 2 (TC2) have been identified at the beginning of the project, showing strong interest in implementing a local Fibonacci initiative. The TC2 start at a lower level of involvement. They get tutoring and training by the twinned RC and implement at least a small local Fibonacci network. There is neither need to organise field visits and international meetings nor to undertake tutoring for new centres (nevertheless they are welcome to do so).
  • 24 Twin Centres 3 (TC3) start at year 3 of the Fibonacci project, twinned to one of the RCs or TC1.