What is a Reference Centre?

The dissemination strategy of the Fibonacci project is based on a network of twelve Reference Centres throughout Europe, which all have a recognized expertise for sustainable Inquiry-Based Science and/or Mathematics Education implementation at local or national level.

Each Reference Centre basically relies on a local coordinator and a core team of experts and teachers’ trainers.

Activities on the local and regional level

A Reference Centre is covering various tasks on the local and regional level as the picture shows.

Activities on the European level

Each Reference Centre

  • supports at least two Twin Centres (TC1 and TC2) by offering training and tutoring.
  • participates in a cluster by working with other Reference Centres and Twin Centres.
  • contributes knowledge, materials, training etc. to one of the common topics.
  • participates in European training sessions, conferences and seminars.

Download the reference centre implementation guidelines.