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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - short overview

IMI-BAS is a national organization for research and applications in the field of mathematics and informatics (including research and applications in education in these fields). It is also involved in the supervision of PhD students, additional training of teachers and supervision of individual projects of university students (diploma works) or of secondary school students. It supports scientifically (and works in close cooperation with) the major institutions in Bulgaria preparing secondary school teachers (Plovdiv University, South West University in Blagoevgrad and Rousse University).

Excellence in inquiry-based science/mathematic education approach

The expertise of IMI-BAS in the field of teaching mathematics and informatics includes (but is not reduced to):

  • Development of educational strategies for integrating ICT in mathematic education;
  • Development (since 1985) of educational materials based on open ended computer environment in order to conduct experiments and inquiries (e.g. Logo, Geomland, Sketchpad, Geonext)
  • Working with junior-high school students using ToonTalk programming environment for exploring mathematical phenomena (e.g. infinity, sequences, series, convergence, divergence) in the frame of the Weblabs European project..

IBSME successfully implemented in a large number of classes

IMI-BAS worked in the field of Mathematics and Informatics with various classes located in different Bulgarian cities where IBSME has been tried out and used increasingly, especially for the preparation of students to participate in mathematics competitions. Tthe High School Student Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (HSSI for short) which was established in 2000 deserve special mention (see www.math.bas.bg/hssi/indexEng.htm) and is managed since then by IMI-BAS. About 100 school students from all the country participate annually in HSSI. The students enrich their knowledge in Mathematics and Informatics by working on their own investigation projects. The results are then presented at special sessions conferences) of HSSI.

Outstanding experience in training and know-how transfer

IMI-BAS has rich experience in disseminating positive practices in education. Many events including intensive courses with international participation from South-Eastern Europe were conducted in the last years. Here are some examples: organization of two international intensive courses on GEONExT with MSc students from different E.U countries, co-organisator of four international workshops on maths education (with representatives from Bulgaria, USA, Romania and Hungary), regular Workshops for teachers on using ICT in education.

Official link with a national or regional institution of reference working in science education

All activities in Mathematics and Informatics Education are implemented by IMI-BAS under the responsibility of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and the Regional educational authorities (Inspectorates). They involve also the Bulgarian Union of Mathematicians which has more than 50 sections covering all the country.