VINČA Institute of Nuclear Sciences - Belgrade

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Mike Alasa 12-14
P.O.B. 522
11001 Belgrade

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Stevan Jokic
VINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences
Mike Alasa 12-14
P.O.B. 522
11001 Belgrada, Serbia

Phone: +38 11 2455041

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VINČA Institute of Nuclear Sciences - short overview

Since its foundation in 1948. the basic and applied research activities of the Institute have dealt with the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. They have gradually been complemented by research concerning different ... read more

Activities within the Fibonacci project

  • Hands-on project "Ruka u testu"
  • Introduction of an optional course "La main à la pâte - Discover the World" for children from 6-8 years
  • More books (15) for teachers and parents and appendix in Educational weekly journal
  • Cross disciplinary thematic projects for children
  • Training workshops (8-hours) for more than 3 000 teachers

Information about the project in Serbian

Projektom „Ruka u testu“ a sada i u okviru EU-projekta FIBONACCI ppromovišemo IBSE metod u školama Srbije. Osnovne ideje i ciljevi projekta, kao i resursi za nastavnike i ucenike su dati na sajtu

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