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National website containing infor­ma­tion about Fibonacci

Ciência Viva - short overview

Ciência Viva – National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture was created in 1996 to promote public awareness of the importance of science and technology at a national level. Since its creation, Ciência Viva has been developing activities along three different but complementary axes: science education (schools), public awareness of science (citizens) and science centres (national network). Ciência Viva’s strategy is based on a strong link with the Portuguese scientific community in the implementation of all its initiatives.

Activities with the Fibonacci project

Ciência Viva’s strategy to implement the Fibonacci project will include the development of certified teacher development courses on IBSE, which, during the first year will be tested with former Pollen teachers, representatives from the science centres and new teachers from the Lisbon area. The course will then be replicated in some science centres across the country, after being improved during the first year.

It is also a part of Ciência Viva’s objectives to develop or adapt IBSE kits of materials and lesson plans that will remain available to teachers in each science centre. Besides providing the materials, the idea is also to have each science centre providing scientific and methodological support to teachers, even after the project has ended.

Other related projects

For the last 7 years Ciência Viva has been working with a team of professors from higher education institutions who are experts in inquiry-based science/mathematics education. This team has given support to primary education teachers to motivate and help them integrate this methodology in their teaching. This has been done through the teachers’ involvement in European projects (European Discoveries, ScienceEduc, Pollen and Pencil). Since an education reform is currently under way, some of the teacher training sessions have been carried out by the team in charge of the reform.

Portuguese website of Pollen project:

Portuguese website of Science Educ project: