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Institut für Gymnasial- und Berufspädagogik (IGB)
Beckenhofstrasse 35
CH-8006 Zürich

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Prof. Dr. Peter Gallin
Tüfenbach 176
CH-8494 Bauma, Switzerland

Phone: +41 52 386 12 33

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University of Zurich - short overview

The institute IGB is responsible for initial teacher education and in service teacher training. The research activities at IGB are focused on development, proving and evaluation of innovative concepts in the field of education, methodology and assessment.

Activities within the Fibonacci project

In the range of mathematics education the Fibonacci label IBSME means to enable pupils to become acquainted with the scientific approach to mathematical topics. This goal can be attained by the Dialogical Learning which implements a broadly based spectrum of instruments to realize IBSME in classroom in primary and secondary schools. The institute IGB will enforce the implementation of Dialogical Learning and other ideas of IBSME in classroom teaching. The results will be evaluated and spread to interested institutions and people.

Information about this project in German

Das Projekt will mit Dialogischem Lernen vertraute und neu interessierte Lehrpersonen zusammenführen. Ergebnisse aus deren forschungsorientiertem Mathematikunterricht werden gesammelt und einem breiteren Publikum zugänglich gemacht.

Other related projects

IGB collaborates with the mathematics department of the Swiss Polytechnic University Zurich (ETH) to improve the mathematics education in different schools at secondary level. This research and the implementation strategies are part of the project SOL (self-organized-learning) of the state of Zurich.