Autonomous learning

The best way to learn is to do - to ask, and to do.

The best way to teach is to make students ask, and do.

Don't preach facts - stimulate acts.

Paul Halmos

Successful learning is an active, constructive, cumulative and purposeful process. For school this means: Neither is the teacher an entertainer, nor the student a passive consumer. The possibilities to allow students to follow their own ways are varied. Project work, group work, individual work, strictly planned or free teaching methods are all well-known teaching approaches, which allow autonomous, self-organized and cooperative work for a longer period of time.

Creating units of individual learning in everyday teaching situations

The teaching methods referred to in the previous paragraph are useful items, but they will not be able to cover the whole range of everyday teaching situations. They already require a certain amount of independent, individual learning experience and autonomy and also a certain methodical competence. Therefore this module introduces various ways of creating units of individual learning.

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Confidence and the proper strategy

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