Fibonacci European Training Sessions

Dedicated to Inquiry-Based Science and Mathematics Education (IBSME).

In the frame of this project and as the result of the work and exchanges between the Fibonacci partners, 5 European training sessions are organised from September 2011 to March 2012 on the following topics:

2: Using the external environment of the school

10 –12 October 2011 Helsinki, Finland
Schools are more and more open to using their external environment to teach science. The main issue in this European Training Session will be to describe how to bridge the gap between informal and formal education. The Challenger addressed will be how to include IBSME-approach.

Contact: Hannu Salmi Please enable JavaScript to reveal the Email address., Arja Kaasinen Please enable JavaScript to reveal the Email address.
Down­load TS2 Brochure here. Online registration form will be available from August 2011 on here.

4: Deepening the understanding of inquiry in mathematics

15 – 17 February 2012 Bayreuth, Germany
The seminar will cover manifold aspects of inquiry based mathematics education, taking into account the following aims:

  • less knowledge acquisition, more problem-solving instruction,
  • less orientation towards calculation, more focus on comprehension,
  • learning mathematics in context,
  • attention not only to results but also to the learning strategies and learning processes.

Contact: Dagmar Raab Please enable JavaScript to reveal the Email address., Thomas Stiegler Please enable JavaScript to reveal the Email address..
Online registration and programme here.

These training sessions have been conceived taking into account the expertise of all Fibonacci centres and they cover all key aspects of IBSME. They will enable participants to exchange expertise on the topics and to converge towards common approaches and methodologies.


Each session is planned over 3 days, for sixty (60) participants from all E.U countries. The target group is mainly science and mathematics educators and teacher trainers, project coordinators, etc. A special attention will be paid to the persons with the capacity to implement and disseminate IBSME in their respective countries or abroad. Participants can be internal or external to the Fibonacci project. All sessions will be delivered in English. Participants must therefore be proficient in this language. A catalogue containing the description of each course and the main information on the venue, contents, registration modalities and contacts is available on this website . The costs of stay and transport will have to be covered by each participant. No fee will be requested for registration. A full programme will be soon available for each of the 5 sessions.

Contact for general information

Anne Lejeune
ENS / La main à la pâte
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1 rue Maurice Arnoux
92120 Montrouge, France

For details on each European training session, please contact the person in charge of the organising centre.