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Tuesday, 21st September 2010
08.30 Shuttle from the hotel to the University of Bayreuth
09.00 Registration
09.30 Welcome and presentation of the conference programme Peter Baptist
09.40 Opening address Stefan Jablonski
Plenary session 1 - Science and mathematics education in Europe: a challenge and a proposal
09.50 European cultural heritage and the role of science and mathematics Dusan Sidjanski
10.20 Presentation of the Fibonacci project David Jasmin
10.40 Coffee break
Plenary session 2 - Relevance of mathematics and science education for society
11.00 Mathematical education meets reality and future Ulrich Trottenberg
11.45 Science for all, a reasonable goal? Pierre Léna
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Parallel workshops
Deepening the specificities of scientific inquiry in mathematics Peter Baptist, Petar Kenderov, Kenneth Ruthven, report by Volker Ulm
Deepening the specificities of scientific inquiry in natural sciences David Jasmin, Wynne Harlen, report by Susana Borda
Implementing and expanding a reference centre Petra Skiebe-Corrette, Phil Hingley, Ida Guldager, report by Nicola Stollhoff
Cross disciplinary approaches Tina Jarvis, Janet Ainley, report by Frankie McKeon
Using the external environment of the school Hannu Salmi, Leo van den Bogaert, Konrad Krainer, report by Arja Kaasinen
16.00 Coffee break
Plenary session 3
16.30 Reports on the workshops
17.15 Shuttle to the hotel
18.45 Shuttle from the hotel to Thurnau
19.30 Conference dinner at Thurnau Castle
23.00 Shuttle to the hotel

Wednesday, 22nd September 2010
09.00 Shuttle from the hotel to the University of Bayreuth
09.30 Poster session
09.30 Arts exhibition
09.30 Press conference Peter Baptist, David Jasmin
10.00 Plenary session 4 - Mathematics and science education - political goals
10.00 Mathematics and science education - a key factor for our future Ludwig Spaenle
10.30 Coffee break
Plenary session 5 - Inquiry-based science and mathematics education
11.00 How can mathematics solve problems? Günter M. Ziegler
11.45 Implementing inquiry-based learning in science education Wynne Harlen
12.15 Science, mathematics and ICT Michèle Artigue
12.45 Presentation of Scientix Agueda Gras-Velazquez
13.15 Lunch
14.30 Parallel workshops
ICT and virtual environment for science education Ed van den Berg, Frank Schweickert, Franz X. Bogner, Dan Sporea, report by Bas Higler
ICT and virtual environment for mathematics education Peter Baptist, Volker Ulm, Paul Drijvers, report by Jenny Sendova
Involving the private sector (foundations and companies) in science and mathematics education Patricia Corieri, Wolfgang Gollub, Marie-Claire Certiat, report by Philippe Leonard
Transition from primary to secondary school Gerd Bergman, Anders Jidesjö, Martin Braund, report by Jan Schoultz
Arts and inquiry-based science and mathematics education Carsten Miller, György Darvas, Eugen Jost, report by Doris Bocka
16.00 Coffee break
Plenary session 6
16.30 Summary of the conference Konrad Krainer
16.45 Conclusions and perspectives Peter Baptist
17.30 Shuttle to the historic centre of Bayreuth
Closing Ceremony (Government building of Upper Franconia)
18.00 Welcome address Wilhelm Wenning
18.30 Bayreuth impressions
18.30 Reception
19.30 Visit of the Margravial Opera House
Concert "Wooden Voices"
21.00 Shuttle from the Opera House to the hotel