The Fibonacci Project - First European Conference

"Raising Awareness about Inquiry Based Science and Mathematics Education in Europe"

21-22 September 2010, Bayreuth, Germany

The conference was organized by the University of Bayreuth in cooperation with La main à la pâte (French Academy of Sciences, INRP, ENS Paris).

General description of the conference

European authorities and the international scientific community acknowledge the major importance of Inquiry-Based Science and Mathematics Education (IBSME) to develop an integrated strategy for scientific literacy and awareness from primary to secondary school, raising interest for science and reinforcing scientific careers.

The International Conference Bayreuth 2010 was seen as the starting conference of the Fibonacci Project. Its objectives were:

  • Raising a broad awareness around the project objectives, involving in particular the scientific community,
  • Arousing interest among entities seeking to gain experience into inquiry-based science and mathematics education,
  • Emphasizing the role of learning environments,
  • Bridging the gap between IBSME theory and practice,
  • Organizing networks of cooperation for inquiry-based mathematics and science education.

About 170 international educationalists, scientists, teachers, policy makers, stakeholders and the interested public participated in the conference.