Wynne Harlen

University of Bristol, United Kingdom
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Dr. Wynne Harlen has held several high ranking positions in scientific education and research in the UK, including Sidney Jones Professor of Scientific education at the University of Liverpool and Director of the Scottish Council for Research in Education. She has an honorary position as Visiting Professor at the University of Bristol, England, although working from her home in Scotland. She acts as consultant to several primary/elementary school science projects in various countries and is currently committed to the IAP Scientific education Programme on the development of inquiry-based scientific education. She is the author of 28 books and of many journal articles and reports on scientific education, evaluation and student assessment.

Implementing inquiry-based learning in science education

The aim of inquiry-based education in science is for students to develop their understanding in science through their own mental and physical activity. Questions discussed will be: how is this to be done in practice? Must inquiry always involve first-hand investigation? How does it advance students’ understanding? What are the roles of students and teacher in inquiry-based activities?

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