Second European Conference - Informal Proceedings

Researchers and practitioners presented their work at the conference. There were 39 papers and 12 posters presented following review by two referees in the autumn. Presenters came from 21 different countries including many from the Fibonacci Project as well as from other European countries and some as far afield as USA, Australia, Brazil and Colombia. Presenters varied from practicing teachers to very experienced researchers. Sessions covered:

  • Pupils' and teachers' practice from early years to 18 year olds in different countries
  • Integrating mathematics and/or science inquiry into the school curriculum
  • Nature of science
  • Using ICT to promote investigative work
  • Professional development for teachers and student-teachers
  • Involving scientists in developing investigations
  • Different strategies for assessment and self-assessment of inquiry activities
  • Support for disseminating practice between European countries and related issues
  • Use of outdoor learning sites

A one page abstract for all Posters and abstracts can be found in the Conference Booklet.

The following presenters have also provided an extended paper about their work which can be downloaded: