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Scientix European Conference in Brussels, Belgium from 6 to 8 May 2011

23.01.2011 00:00 | Category: General | By: Michael Gerhäuser

The first Scientix conference will be a unique opportunity to learn more about different projects in Europe on mathematics, science and technology education. It will gather 400 participants who will share their expertise, knowledge and best practices on education. The conference is specially targeted at teachers in mathematics, science and technology, but other actors such as researchers, policy makers and science communicators are invited to participate.

The programme will offer:

  • sessions on European science education projects for teachers, researchers, industry, etc.
  • sessions on science museums and their potential for European science education
  • sessions on science education research
  • hands-on worshops on various topics and tools that teachers can integrate into their classes
  • exhibitions of European science education projects.

Fibonacci will take part in this major event through its European coordination.

The conference will surely interest you. If you want to attend, you can choose between three types of participations:

  • simple participant
  • a teacher can participate in the Scientix poster competition by preparing a poster on how he/she brings Scientix into his/her teaching
  • or participant giving a presentation in one of the sessions.

The number of participants and speakers is limited, so you have to register well in advance. The deadlines are:

  • 31 January 2011: speakers
  • 1 March 2011: participants with posters (for teachers)
  • 18 March 2011: participants

Further information and registration at: www.scientix.eu/web/guest/conference

Scientix collects teaching materials and research reports from European science education projects financed by the European Union under the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development, the Lifelong Learning Programme and various national initiatives.